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What to do if you have problems with an online casino

Most problems that are experienced by online casino patrons are resolved quickly and usually in the patrons favor. Online casinos are a big competive business and they rely on prompt customer service and retaining customers. Just like in Vegas, they don't want you to look for the exit.

But if your problem seems to be unanswered or the answer that you have is unsatisfactory, you may want to take certain actions:

You can notify the Interactive Gaming Council on what the specific problem is. This is extremely helpful if the problem casino is a member. If not, it will probably not do any good.
Post your complaint in gambling website forums, like Gambler's Grumbles at Over the past couple of years since their forum has been up, they have been able to resolve many problems between players and online casinos. Many casino operators visit forums as much as the players do, and voicing your concern will most often bring a quick reply from the casino.
Notify the Online Players Association. Become a member - many casinos are members as well, and this organization has an active voice when it comes to resolving problems with casinos.